By using AS


By using AS, your company gets:

The new approach to already existing at your enterprise system of safety:

– To create the distributed corporate networks various on complexity and cost of realisation, but identical on level of technological decisions and safety.

New level of quality of safety:

– To create isolated monolithic communication channels from the data center to the connected remote branches. While existing solutions have multiple connections that make the link vulnerable and insecure, due to possible hacker attacks on any such connection. The monolithic AS link eliminates this possibility and provides a new level of security quality.

A new level of financial cost:

– Saving bandwidth. Easy access to the Internet, fast deployment and much lower cost than in similar MPLS networks. AS allows you to provide reliability and security metrics, at “Internet prices”.

A new level of traffic optimization:

– Bandwidth can be easily adjusted (increased or decreased) depending on business needs.

A new level of redundancy of communication channels:

– AS allows you to organize a tunnel through any transport IP network, to create a monolithic channel of communication from a variety of transport IP channels Internet and intranet, ie simultaneously use the existing MPLS and Internet channel from another provider, and if you put an LTE modem, such a combination will lead to 100% fault tolerance of the remote unit, and the summation of the bandwidth of communication channels, will allow you to maximize the utilization of all available potential, with a guarantee of compliance with the order of priority (after the end of the day).

A new level of monitoring and management of the entire network infrastructure:

– the industry’s best manageability, device support and scalability of the network. Includes unique tunnel quality monitoring tools and network automation elements. The interface enables real-time assessment of the quality of tunnels and all their subchannels, as well as their upload of useful data. Have a log of events. Run various tests. Mechanisms for controlling the Web interface include loading, saving, editing, and automatic generation of configuration files for both the server (collector) and client parts for each tunnel.

Business flexibility:

– Rapid deployment of WAN services for remote offices without the need to organize local IT support.