Virtual Autonomous System

Autonomous System maximally utilizes the allocated band of communication channels and optimizes the cost of operating the entire network, allows you to transfer the entire user network infrastructure to resources of cloud services.

Each subscriber terminal of the Autonomous System in a standard configuration is capable of simultaneously operating several independent Internet channels in summation, redundancy mode, while transmitting six independent L2 channels, meeting any needs of modern technological and business processes.

HOME package

The HOME package is designed for private users and allows connecting up to 10 subscriber terminals.

Connecting the HOME package allows you to create:
•A single secure network between all your places of residence – apartment in the city, country house, cottage, private space in the office, car.
•Closed CCTV network, protected personal archive, climate control (coupling with a smart home system), child control, workspace control (during absence).

This connection is suitable for small organizations that do not have a single document center and there is a need to create closed access between all departments.

OFFICE package

OFFICE package is designed for companies with geographically dispersed branch network and allows connecting up to 50-70 subscriber terminals.

This connection provides for the subscriber terminals using the server platform, to which the central office and the dominant divisions are connected, such as:
warehouse, archive, garage, shop,
production facilities with a large number of CCTV cameras,
offices with extensive network infrastructure.

An undeniable advantage of the OFFICE package is the possibility to use VoIP telephony, secure video surveillance system and centralized document management between all departments.


CORPORATE package is designed for enterprises and organizations with a large geographically dispersed network of subdivisions and allows connecting from 50 to 1000 subscriber terminals.

The design of this solution is based on the technical requirements of the Customer. All wishes and technical features of the enterprise are taken into account.
All possible technology components are used to maximize optimization of the corporate network as a whole. To ensure fault tolerance, it is possible to use the mirroring mode, which allows you to create chains from collectors to choose the best route.