Named Autonomous System

This type of AS is implemented according to the technical requirements of the Customer and is based on the resources of the Customer or service platforms leased by the Customer.

•A hardware and software solution designed for closed-type enterprises and provides for the creation of a complete complex of the secure network.

•When designing, all the Customer’s wishes and technical features are taken into account. •When designing the AS, all possible technology components are taken into account with the aim of maximum adaptation to the Customer’s needs and optimization of the network as a whole.

•The planned development, increasing communication channels and the number of divisions are performed without changing the base platform.

•Each NAS is provided with a registration ID in the registry of Autonomous Systems and a certificate is issued describing the NAS service.

  • If necessary, the NAS has the ability to connect to the HeliX virtual network*.
  • To ensure fault tolerance, it is possible to use mirroring mode, which allows creating collector chains by forcibly controlling the traffic routing (to select the optimal route) outside the controlled network or country.