OSAS HeliX™ Applications

It is designed for telecom operators, it includes modular solutions for optimizing the operator’s network, and software for subscriber terminals.

  • Provides maximum bandwidth utilization of bandwidth of the operator’s backbone network, optimizes the utilization of communication channels, and has all the necessary tools for managing and monitoring, diagnostics, and control over all processes occurring in the network.
  • When designing, all the Operator’s wishes and technical features are taken into account with the aim of maximum adaptation and optimization of the network as a whole.
  • If necessary, the OSAS has the ability to connect to the HeliX virtual network.

The Autonomous System will allow to personalize users, improve the quality of channels and connectivity of services, provide an opportunity to quick localize network problems, provide access to closed groups (corporate segment) to services, and as a result will attract more consumers.

Optimization of the telecom operator

The HeliX™ platform includes:

  • Technology of transparent summation of transport channels and protection of data  during transmission via unsecured network,  with automatic filtering of route announcements  and transmission of Ethernet traffic with arbitrary 802.1q marks. The resulting L2 Ethernet transport is capable of transmitting packets using VLAN 802.1Q (single TAG, QinQ) technology or without this technology (Untagged).
  • Tunnel-forming equipment control and monitoring tools.
  • Ensuring uninterrupted operation of radio relay communication channels by creating a single transport stream that combines several different radio relay systems.

Optimization of DATA Centers operation

  • HeliX™ It ensures maximum bandwidth utilization of the operator’s core network, optimizes utilization of connection channel , and has all the necessary tools to manage and monitor, diagnose and control over all processes occurring in the network.
  • HeliX™ allows  guarantee the preservation of the order of delivery of isolated packets and compliance with the checksum, create monolithic channels of communication from multiple transport IP channels, to summarize the bandwidth of communication channels,  to provide service of an isolated monolithic communication channel from the data center to connected remote branch offices.
  • The HeliX Autonomous System provides enhanced security, performance and connectivity between the cloud, offices and users at work, at home, and on the go, ensuring secure access to sensitive data from anywhere in the world.